Valuesieve enhances innovation of value by separating the want from unwanted features in products, services and processes. Consumers don’t just buy products anymore, they pay for experiences and not necessarily ownership. Rather than benchmark against competitors, Valuesieve will help you understand what consumers actually want from gathering and analysing  user stories, user experiences and overall customer experiences about products / services; what they enjoy most, what doesn’t add value to them and features they would want to see added or replaced. Attributes to increase or decrease.

At Crystalpearl Consulting, we understand the importance and roles of advertising, PR and influencers in pushing a product or a brand into the market, but to sustain the product value  and increase customer base in the market, there is need to constantly keep up with market dynamics and ever changing consumer behavior.  So instead of keeping high cost structures with unnecessary features, Designers / service providers can maintain or lower cost structure while creating higher value, with developing features according to current market dynamics and overall customer experiences.

While most businesses strategies are either differentiation / Niche or Low cost,  with Valuesieve, businesses can pursue an innovative hybrid strategy of both differentiation and low-cost simultaneously. Create and modify products with features that consumers really need and use, by democratising product ownership. Create / modify a product for the market with insights from the market / actual users.

Valuesieve will involve actual user communities in the product development process (Alpha & Beta) testing of products to provide insights beyond the limitations of in-house product teams.

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